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Mustang woman saves pet from coyote | News

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Mustang woman saves pet from coyote

MUSTANG, Okla.- A Mustang woman goes head to head with a coyote in her backyard after it attacks her pet.

Barking dogs were like the sound of dinner bells for a coyote roaming through a Mustang subdivision.

Frances Curtis said, “I heard this scream out of Heinrich that I had never heard before. I knew there was something wrong but I didn’t know what.”

Curtis walked out her back door to see her dog Heinrich was screaming because a coyote had latched on to him.

She said she had two choices at that time.

Curtis said, “Do I go run down the hall, go get the gun in the safe or do I just go after this thing?”

She grabbed the closest thing to her, a shovel.

“I hit it like a baseball bat, ” she said. “I just ‘wham,’ you know? Hit it twice and it ran off.”

With the help of her neighbor and his children, Curtis got her dog to a veterinarian in time to save him.

However, a coyote in a crowded subdivision is an unusual sight, especially in the daylight.

Enrique Lozano said, “It’s a big deal. The coyote didn’t get scared when she stepped out. She had to beat him with a shovel in order for him to get off the dog. It’s pretty scary.”

Veterinarians say the strange behavior could indicate rabies in the animal.

She says she was just glad she was beating the coyote off her animal and not a child.

Curtis said, “We got babies over here and we got babies over here and they play out in the yard.”

If you see a coyote in your area, it should run away from you in fear.

If it doesn’t, do not approach it.

Instead, contact animal control immediately.


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